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Buy and Sell Gold

Bullion India has changed the way the retail customers invest in gold and silver. It provides an online system to buy and sell Gold and Silver to retail customers in smaller denominations at a wholesale price in an easy, simple and a convenient manner. The retail customers can buy/sell gold and silver on daily basis at live prices displayed on the platform provided by Bullion India. It also allows the customer to store this gold/silver in a secured vault, which is controlled and monitored by an independent trustee. The customer can request for physical delivery whenever they want in the form of coins ranging from 0.1 gm to 50 gms of gold and 1 gm to 500 gms of silver.

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A simple trading system
Create your wallet

The E-wallet system for the company is very essential to manage as well as to perform all the cash in and cash out financial details of the customers. The Cloud e wallet system supports the companies to transfer money directly to the associates and the customers in to their wallets.

Make payments

Add echecks as an alternative payment method to get more orders from customers. Gain access to local alternative payment methods preferred by global buyers. Pay distributors fast with same day ACH credits

Buy or sell orders

The bullion market is generally known as the market for gold and silver trading. The bullion market is the primary source for gold and silver trading quotes throughout the day. Multiple bullion markets exist across the globe.

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Latest News in Gold
New Regulations on the Bullion24k Market

Bullion markets exist in New York, Zurich and Tokyo with London serving as the location for the largest global bullion market. Bullion market trading is known to have a high turnover rate with transactions conducted electronically or by phone.

Good News from the Bullion24k World

“Gold prices in Vietnam jumped 2 percent Saturday after U.S. President Donald Trump slapped another 5 percent tariff on Chinese goods.”

Gold price goes to the Moon with new laws

Gold prices have fallen Rs 450 while silver prices have declined by Rs 1,000 in one week in the New Delhi bullion market.